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Were you unable to attend the Imagine Greeley Kick-off Workshop and Open House on Friday March 3, 2017? You can still share your input on the topics discussed by completing our first online survey. The survey asks participants to share what they think are the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the City and community over the next 10 to 20 years (as well as things to celebrate!) in the following key focus areas:

  • Housing Access
  • Growth and City Form
  • Economic Health and Diversification
  • Livability
  • Public Capital and Operations Planning

The survey mimics the Thought Wall exercise completed during the Kick-off Workshop. If you attended the workshop, feel free to complete the survey to provide additional thoughts or ideas that you did not share during the event. Click here to begin. The survey will close on Thursday April 27, 2017.

Interested to see what issues and opportunities were suggested by participants in the Kick-off Workshop? Click here to read a summary.