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About Imagine Greeley

Since 1997, Greeley’s population has increased from 70,000 to more than 100,000. By 2040, it is anticipated to reach 150,000. What do we want the Greeley of the future to look and feel like? What steps do we need to take to maintain Greeley’s quality of life for future residents—many of whom will be our children and grandchildren?

Imagine Greeley was initiated by the City to help answer these and other important questions. It includes two distinct, but interrelated efforts:

An update to the City’s 2060 Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is a policy guide that informs decisions about public and private growth and development within the City of Greeley over the next 10 to 20 years. It is both a statement of the community’s vision for the future, as well as a set of strategies for realizing that vision. The City’s current comprehensive plan, the 2060 Comprehensive Plan, was last updated in 2009.

Our community has changed and evolved in the years since the 2060 Comprehensive Plan was adopted. As part of Imagine Greeley, the City is seeking input on what is working well (or not) as well as input on potential gaps to be addressed in the updated Comprehensive Plan. Key focus areas for the Imagine Greeley process include: housing access, growth and city form, economic health and diversification, livability, and public capital and operations planning.

Identification of priority community improvements

Nearly 20 years ago a group of citizens came together to identify community improvements that would maintain Greeley’s quality of life for years to come.  That process resulted in the construction of Greeley’s Ice Haus, the Family FunPlex, Discovery Bay Waterpark and other parks and trails, the Rodarte Center expansion, Greeley Police headquarters, the Greeley History Museum, and more. See video highlights.

As part of Imagine Greeley, the City is asking residents to share their top priorities for Greeley’s to-do list over the next 20 years. This information will be used to inform capital improvement planning and public investment campaigns designed to fund major community improvement projects over the coming years. Initial meetings for this effort took place in October, 2016. 

Imagine Greeley is an opportunity for the community to take a step back and evaluate where we are today, imagine where we’d like to be in 20 years, and devise a strategy for getting there, focusing on the most pressing issues facing the community. By combining these two important efforts, the City seeks to encourage a robust community discussion and promote the efficient use of time and resources. The process kicked-off in late 2016, and is anticipated to run through the end of 2017. A schedule for the project can be viewed here.

Who is Involved?

Imagine Greeley is a collaborative and inclusive process in which all members of the community are encouraged to participate. The community will have a number of opportunities to participate throughout the process, both through in-person meetings and online activities. Engagement efforts will seek to involve as many different residents, businesses, government entities, educational institutions and other stakeholder groups as possible so that the updated comprehensive plan reflects the shared vision of all who call Greeley home. Be sure to visit the Events page of the Get Involved page of the project website to learn more about current and upcoming opportunities to participate in the process.